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Philip Atkinson

Phil was born November 4th, 1953 at Sedgefield, County Durham, England at Hardwick Hall. From there, his mother took him back home to Witton Park where he spent the first decade of life with his dad, four brothers and three sisters. You can read about the circumstances of his family leaving the village in his novel "The King Street Kids."

They moved to Newton Aycliffe, one of the experimental new towns that were the UK's hope for post-war Britain to become a reinvented nation. It was there he made life-long friends who have been instrumental in formulating his outlook on life. He was indentured as an apprentice and became a journeyman mechanical engineer.

He lived for a time on a beach in the south of France, emigrated, scrubbed pots in a hospital, eventually graduated from the University of Victoria with a BA in Fine Arts to pursue a 20-year career with the government of British Columbia in Communications.

Phil is proud to be, as late friend and celebrated artist Ted Harrison described him, a 'Son of County Durham,' and has compiled a collection of folk tales from North East England, and unlikely as it may sound, there is also a book dedicated to Northumbrian cookery.

Phil lives on 'the edge of the world,' Vancouver Island, on Canada's Pacific coast. He is married and has two daughters, a son and (last count) five grandchildren.




BA in Fine Arts  University of Victoria

1990 - 2010  Writer, Govt of BC

1980s Porter Victoria BC

1970s Machinist Newton Aycliffe UK

1992 - 2018 - Director, Great Canadian Beer Festival

1994 - Producer, Lekkwammen Pageant & Pow Wow

1985 - Founder member CAMRA BC



Singing Stones and Blue Trout

Folk Tales of North East England

Fine Old Ales & Barley Wine

The King Street Kids

Fireside Tales of Christmas

Northern Counties Cook Book

Spacker Vook - Burn Lane Blues Band

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